Engineering General Resources

College of Engineering at the University of Michigan - Teaching

A list of teaching resources on engineering.

Institute of Biological Engineering

The page is a link from the Journal of Biological Engineering, offering presentations on Engineering Lessons, Biological Engineering programs, etc.

Teaching Engineering Purdue University Chemical Engineering

This is an electronic book on teaching Engineering.  The book is organized to start with specific, practical teaching applications and then lead to more general psychological theories.  All book chapters are in downloadable pdf formats.

The American Society for Engineering Education Journal of Engineering Education

The page is home of the Journal of Engineering Education, a peer-reviewed international journal published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education. It serves as an archival record of scholarly research in engineering education.

International Journal of Engineering Education

The page is the home of International Journal of Engineering Education. The journal publishes papers on developments in educational methods technology, case studies, laboratory applications, new theoretical approaches, etc.  Some of the journal issues are freely available on the site.

IEEE Transactions on Education

The page is the home of IEEE Education Association, which offers links to conferences, publications, and other resources.

Journal of STEM Education

The page is the  home of the Journal of STEM Education, peer-reviewed publication for educators in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. The journal emphasizes real-world case studies that focus on issues that are relevant and important to STEM practitioners.

Other Journals of Engineering Education

The page offers links to many other disciplinary teaching journals, including teaching Engineering

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