Curricular Assessment and Evaluation

Provost Martin Philbert's Statement on Assessment 

In a rapidly changing world, one constant is the important role of education in preparing students for success throughout their lives. The University of Michigan has a long and successful history of assessing student learning and developing effective methods for enhancing teaching and learning. This is a  fundamental commitment, core to our mission of educating “leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future”.

Our institutional culture emphasizes strong schools and colleges, providing them with the ability to assess their own programs, experiment and innovate as appropriate in their field, and make evidence based decisions about how to shape their academic programs.  In addition, university-wide offices support the schools and colleges as they work to strengthen existing programs and develop new ones.  From the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching’s 50+ years of work on classroom level concerns to the exploratory work with new technologies at the Center for Academic Innovation, the university is committed to the continual improvement of the learning environment for all our students and faculty.

Our website on the assessment of student learning includes information about the wide range of assessment and evaluation activities on our campus. It is a valuable resource for understanding the many ways in which Michigan works to provide an uncommon education for our students.