Using theatre to enhance teaching and learning

and improve institutional climate

CRLT Players: 2019-20 Season

After a record-breaking 2018-19 season (72 performances reaching over 4,400 participants), the CRLT Players are poised for a busy start to the 2019-2020 year at U-M with five orientation performances of 7 into 15 for faculty, graduate student instructors, and academic leaders. 

This year, the Players roll out a full three-session curriculum called Moving the Needle aimed at developing organizational climates that resist sexual harassment. Taken together, the series introduces participants to definitions, incidence rates, and differential impacts, providing time for academic units to brainstorm new ways for both individuals and departments to take responsibility for their climate and change the status quo. In addition to several separate sessions for academic units, The Players will facilitate 7 daylong sessions for U-M academic leaders with 4 follow-ups on this topic to support teams of academic leaders in planning for structural changes in their spaces. 

The Players also debut a new session called It’s in the Syllabus and Other First-Generation College Student (FGCS) Experiences focused on students who are the first generation in their family to attend college. Knowing that U-M has increased efforts to recruit FGCS in the past few years, this piece is aimed at supporting their retention, addressing faculty’s role in this important work. The Players have 8 performances scheduled for next year, including a session for the Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Academic Leadership Program. 

In every session, the CRLT Players continue to prompt reflection on topics like social identity, campus climate, and belonging, and to prepare audiences to create more equitable and inclusive spaces at the University of Michigan and beyond.