Rackham-CRLT May Seminar on Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) General Information

To be notified when applications are being accepted for the 2017 cohort, please complete this form.

The Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies and the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) seek applicants for the 2016 Seminar on Preparing Future Faculty designed to help prepare senior graduate students for faculty positions. For this nationally-recognized Seminar, we are seeking advanced graduate students who have achieved candidacy and have college or university teaching experience. Participants who successfully complete the program will have fulfilled two requirements toward a U-M Rackham-CRLT Graduate Teacher Certificate.

The learning goals of the seminar are that participants will:

  1. Apply research-based inclusive teaching strategies to their teaching-related job search documents – a teaching philosophy and syllabus – and their future teaching practice.

  2. Design a specific course they could teach at UM or another institution utilizing principles of backward design and universal design.

  3. Understand student learning assessment and institutional accountability in higher education, with particular focus on implications for their teaching.

  4. Reflect on their own teaching practice and explain their approach to teaching to colleagues and future employers, both in writing in a teaching philosophy and orally.

  5. Identify strategies for success in higher education for their diverse students as learners and themselves as scholars.

  6. Engage in conversations about teaching and faculty life with faculty at diverse institution types and in different roles.

The 2016 five-week Seminar will begin Tuesday, May 3 and end Thursday, June 2, meeting every Tuesday and Thursday morning. The seminar is free of charge to accepted students. Childcare is not available at the Seminar.

Applicants will be asked to provide the following materials:

  1. Application form which includes contact information, candidacy, teaching experiences, and teaching-related training. 
  2. A cover letter (limited to 2 single-spaced pages, saved as a pdf file) which answers the following questions:
    • At which type of academic institution would you like to be a faculty member (e.g., research-oriented, teaching-oriented, or a mix) and why?
    • What are your core values regarding teaching? Please provide examples from your own teaching as a GSI and/or learning as a student.
    • How will the Seminar enhance your previous training and experience as a college-level teacher?
    • What else do you hope to gain from the PFF Seminar?
    • **Please use the following format to name your file: “LastName_FirstName_PFF2016_cover.pdf”
      (e.g., Jones_Pat_PFF2016_cover.doc)
  3. A current CV

**Please use the following format to name your pdf file: “LastName_FirstName_PFF2016_CV.pdf”
(e.g., Jones_Pat_PFF2016_CV.pdf)

PFFSeminarAPPS@umich.edu or call (734) 764-0505 with questions.

*Spring term enrollment is not required for the PFF Seminar.