Rackham-CRLT Intercampus Mentorship Program


Welcome! This program offers U-M grad students and postdocs an opportunity to meet faculty at nearby colleges and universities, work together on teaching or research, and learn about students and campus life at places other than U-M. Through these contacts, you can:
  • Develop valuable networks and experiences that will be useful for your faculty job search
  • Learn about what it's like to teach at a place other than U-M
  • Get useful advice about your teaching, research and career plans
  • Work collaboratively on a teaching or research project
  • Explore career possibilities and determine the types of places where you would like to work

Participating Colleges and Universities

In the Mentorship Program, you can choose to work with a faculty member any local college or university. The following schools have often worked with U-M students in the past:

Other institutions such as Hope College, Washtenaw Community College, and Wayne State University, are also possible with an application.

Ways to Participate

  • Mentorships take place over 1-3 days at your mentor's institution. 
Reimbursement for Expenses
With authorization, you can be reimbursed for:
  • meals with your mentor (up to $15 per person per meal), 
  • one meal or coffee with up to six faculty or undergraduates at your mentor's institution, (up to $15 per person) 
  • your travel expenses up to $200 associated with carrying out the mentorship, including mileage, bus/train, car rental, parking, tolls, and hotel if needed, 
  • project expenses such as books or copying up to $75. 

To Learn More

  • I am interested in learning more about the mentorship program.
  • I am interested in learning more about the schools that participate with the program. 
  • Past participants have blogged about their mentorship experience: click here to read their success stories.
  • CRLT's program coordinator for both the short-term and extended mentorship programs is Meg Bakewell. If you or your faculty mentor have questions about the program, please contact her by email (mbakewel@umich.edu) or phone (734-615-9281).

Additional Opportunities

Although not part of the mentorship program, you also may be interested in post-doc opportunities at Kalamazoo and Oberlin.  Participation in the mentorship program before this postdoc application is encouraged.