Teaching Portfolios and Course Portfolios

Teaching portfolios allow instructors to document the scope and quality of their teaching performance and to improve their skills through continuous reflection. Course portfolios are used to document the planning, process, and outcomes of a single course. The articles and links in this section describe the purpose and important components of teaching portfolios and offer detailed guidelines for creating teaching portfolios.

CRLT Occasional Paper #11: The Teaching Portfolio (Kaplan, 1998)

The teaching portfolio is one of the tools faculty members can use to document their scholarly work in teaching. This Occasional Paper contains a discussion of the nature and purpose of the teaching portfolio (and its offshoot, the course portfolio) and suggestions for how individuals and units can use portfolios most effectively.

Developing a Teaching Portfolio

This site from the Ohio State University aims to provide faculty and graduate teaching associates (TAs) with a practical and self-reflective guide to the development of a teaching portfolio.

The Course Portfolio as a Tool for Continuous Improvement of Teaching and Learning (Cerbin, 1994)

Explains how to use learning-centered course portfolios to improve teaching and learning. Cerbin discusses how course portfolios can be used to (a) document and assess more fully the substance and complexity of teaching, (b) connect assessment of teaching with assessment of learning, and (c) foster better teaching and learning.

Handbook for Creating Course Portfolios (University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering)

Details the purposes and content of a course portfolio from a STEM perspective. This handbook contains appendices with questions to promote reflection on your course design and teaching.

How to Prepare a Course Portfolio (Werder, 2000)

Summary adapted from Pat Hutchings’ (1998) The Course Portfolio: How Faculty Can Examine Their Teaching to Advance Practice and Improve Student Learning. Includes concise sections on design, results, and general tips for creating a course portfolio.

National Repository of Course Portfolios

As of 2009, over 330 course portfolios are stored in this national repository. In each example, faculty explore what is going on in their classrooms, analyze their course objectives, and document and assess effectiveness.

Creating Electronic Portfolios with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe offers a guide to how to use their Acrobat software to create a Teaching or Course portfolio. This focuses on practical instructions for using the software to create your portfolio, not choosing the content to be included.

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