Syllabus Design

A successful course depends on the planning that precedes it. The articles and links in this section serve as planning guides for both faculty and GSIs. They provide instructions for creating a syllabus.

CRLT GSI Guidebook: Preparing to Teach

These sections of CRLT's Guidebook for New Graduate Student Instructors include a variety of resources to help with syllabus construction. The first is a brief discussion of the purposes of a syllabus and important items and policies to include. The other three include examples drawn from the various settings in which GSIs teach.

Writing a Syllabus (Cornell University)
This site includes advice for creating useful, learner-centered syllabi. Resources include a course planning decision guide, a syllabus template, and a rubric to help evaluate a syllabus.

IDEA Paper #27: Writing a Syllabus (IDEA Center, Altman & Cashman, 1992)
The authors explore the literature on college syllabi and suggest what information might be included on your syllabus. This resource features an in-depth discussion of the major content areas to consider for a course syllabus.

Constructing a Syllabus: A Handbook for Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows (Woolcock, 2005)
Thorough handbook on the topic of course construction, with a special emphasis on preparing a syllabus. Includes practical exercises to help develop your course outline and goals, as well as samples of completed syllabi.