Multicultural Teaching: Information and Strategies

“Multicultural teaching” means different things according to one’s course goals and one’s discipline. The following links provide useful information for a wide range of college teaching contexts. If you want to suggest other web-based sources for this page, please email and put “Multicultural Teaching” in the subject line.

See Also:

Student diversity at the University of Michigan

Key teaching strategies that help engage students from a range of academic or social backgrounds

Information on course planning

Strategies that anticipate and respond to difficult discussions

Reflective strategies for faculty to examine the impacts of social identity on teaching, either for students in class, or for themselves

CRLT Occasional Paper #7: Perceptions of Faculty Behavior by Students of Color (Chesler, 1997)

This paper reports the findings of a series of 15 focus groups with undergraduate students of color in which participants were asked to describe positive as well as uncomfortable interactions they had with majority group instructors. Suggestions for how faculty members can address students’ concerns are offered.

CRLT Occasional Paper #8: Academic Support for Women in Science and Engineering (Montgomery & Barrett, 1997)

Women continue to be underrepresented in a number of science and engineering disciplines. This paper describes factors that have been found to influence the learning and persistence of undergraduate women in science and engineering. Suggestions are offered for how faculty members can improve the academic environment to create a more positive learning climate for all students.

Teaching Students Who Have Disabilities

Discussion forums and programs on multiculturalism and diversity in higher education in the U.S. today

CRLT Occasional Papers on multicultural teaching (pdf)

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