Departmental GSI Development: A Handbook for Faculty and GSMs who Work with GSIs

Edited by Mary Wright and Matt Kaplan

Adapted from Gach, M., Black, B., Kaplan, M., Kardia, D., Saunders, S.,
& Williams, G. (1998). Handbook on Departmental GSI Development.
CRLT, University of Michigan.

The CRLT Handbook is a resource for working with GSIs at various stages. This book includes steps for planning and evaluating a GSI program, sample workshop and orientation agendas, detailed information about the evaluation of GSIs, and a bibliography of teaching resources.

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Table of Contents and List of Figures

Chapter 1 - Guidelines for a Departmental GSI Development Program

Chapter 2 - Training for New GSIs: Programs, Orientations and Courses

Chapter 3 - Sample Workshops for New GSIs

Chapter 4 - Ongoing GSI Development

Chapter 5 - Creating Inclusive College Classrooms

Chapter 6 - Working with GSIs from Diverse Educational and Linguistic Backgrounds

Chapter 7 - Obtaining and Giving Feedback to GSIs for Instructional Improvement and Evaluation