CRLT Grants for Internationalizing the Curriculum

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Deadline for Submission: 4 p.m. on Tuesday,
February 10, 2015

ITC Application Cover Sheet in MS Word Format

Recent Internationalizing the Curriculum Grant winners


The University of Michigan prepares its students for lives of significant international engagement. In line with this mission, and with support from the offices of the Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education and the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, CRLT is awarding two-year grants for courses or curricular initiatives that expand and enrich international themes, both in courses or departments with international connections as well as in those where international connections are not obvious.

Grant awards up to $10,000 will be made to individuals or groups of faculty for course or curriculum development (e.g., projects involving multiple courses, programs to prepare students for other school or department-wide experiences, programs to prepare students for successful study abroad experiences). Each funded course must be taught in both AY 2015-2016 and 2016-17. The award will cover this two-year period. Grantees will be expected to:

  • Collaborate with a CRLT consultant to gather feedback and assess the course

Potential Projects

Projects could include: 

  • Adding international topics or examples to a current course
  • Use international examples to illustrate course concepts or applications, including in courses and programs like STEM where the international connections may not be obvious
  • Creating a new course with a substantial international component
  • Teaching students cross-cultural collaboration skills
  • Teaching students to work across cultural differences
  • Helping students to see applications beyond the US context
  • Preparing students for successful learning experiences outside the US
  • Using instructional technology to internationalize a course
  • Leveraging the rich international resources and expertise on campus

Click here to link to previous grantees’ project descriptions. Information on pedagogies is available at

Funding Criteria

Every proposed project should accomplish one or more of the following. Please clearly indicate which funding criteria the proposed initiative addresses:

  • Increase student opportunities for meaningful engagement with an internationalized curriculum
  • Incorporate innovative approaches, collaborations, and/or pedagogies appropriate to the international focus of the course
  • Show potential for sustainability beyond the grant period


The competition is open, on the Ann Arbor campus of the University, to all tenured and tenure-track faculty; clinical instructional faculty; lecturers who have continuing appointments and course development responsibilities (i.e., an assignment from the dean, chair, or designee to develop a new course or significantly revise an existing course). For collaborative proposals, the project director listed on the Application Cover Sheet must meet eligibility requirements. 


Proposals are due by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

Submission Procedure

All applications are handled electronically and must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

  1. Download and complete
    1. this cover/budget sheet (not to exceed $10,000). 
    2. see Budget section below for allowable expenses.
  2. Prepare a brief proposal in accordance with the Proposal Guidelines below.
  3. Merge all application materials into a single PDF file.
  4. Click the Submit Application button at the top of this page.
    1. Fill out the web form, which requires a project overview.  This project overview (250 word maximum) will be included in a set of summary documents provided to the review panel.
    2. Upload the PDF file.

Chair Evaluations:

  1. Forward to your chair this Chair Evaluation Form along with a complete copy of your application packet. 
  2. The chairperson should evaluate the proposal and then forward the Chair Evaluation Form to  These must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

Proposal Guidelines

An applicant should prepare a brief (three page maximum) proposal, along with the cover page.  The proposal should include:

  1. A description of how the project will meet the criteria for the grant (see Funding Criteria section above).
  2. A project description articulating the goals and what you would like students to gain from the course or curriculum innovation.
    • For new courses, please provide a course description, with a particular focus on the international components of the course.
    • For course revisions, please describe the specific changes that will be made to significantly increase opportunities for international engagement
    • For curriculum innovations, please describe how the project fits in the existing curriculum and enriches it.


Provide a justification of the budget so that it is clear why each requested budget item is essential to the project, particularly if international travel funds are requested. Grant monies must be used for project costs that do not fall within the realm of regular departmental expenditures. 

The following expenditures (among others) may be included in the budget request:

  • Funding for faculty summer support
  • Graduate student salaries
  • Materials, supplies and equipment
  • Travel

Funding is NOT available for:

  • Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) salaries
  • The tuition portion of a Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) appointment

Funding Period

The period of funding runs from May 1, 2015-April 30, 2017.

Funding Decisions

The review of proposals will be carried out by members of the CRLT staff, with final funding decisions made by the CRLT Advisory Board, composed of UM faculty from across campus. Awards will be announced in April 2015, and funding will begin in May 2015.

Assessment and Reporting Requirements

In addition to collaborating with CRLT to assess their projects, all grant recipients will be asked to help disseminate results by completing a brief web form within three months of the project’s completion. These reports will be publicly displayed on the CRLT Grants Reporting website.

Questions and Consultations

Please contact CRLT at 764-0505 or if you have questions. CRLT staff are available to consult with grant applicants as they prepare proposals.