Multi-Step Tools for Posting Lectures and Creating Online Sites for Student Collaboration

To post lectures you give in class, or record at home, or to develop ways for students to engage in discussion online, explore the following options.  They require some comfort with new technologies, moderate skill levels, practice, patience, and a bit of planning.

1. Online Lectures

Audio-Only Recording

If you are not using or do not want to use PowerPoint or Keynote, you can record your lecture in the classroom or at home:

Audio and Slides

If you are already using PowerPoint or Keynote or other computer-based visuals, you can record your lecture in the classroom or at home and synchronize your audio with slides or other still images:

2. Collaboration Tools

3. Social Networking Tools

  • Create a social networking community for sharing documents and commenting on student discussions.
  • If you do not already have a Facebook or Twitter account, create a free one

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