The Unwritten Rules of College: Creating Transparent Assignments that Increase Students’ Success in Foundational Courses

Transparent teaching/learning practices make learning processes explicit while offering opportunities to foster students' metacognition, confidence, and their sense of belonging in college. A 2016 Association of American Colleges & Universities publication identifies transparent assignment design as a replicable teaching intervention that significantly enhances students' learning and persistence, with greater gains for historically underserved students [Winkelmes et al, Peer Review, Spring 2016]. Transparent assignments that offer equitable opportunities for all students to succeed are critical to the success of foundational courses that introduce students to high quality academic work in a research university setting.  In this workshop, we’ll review recent findings as well as educational research behind the concept of transparent teaching/learning. 

In the interactive session, we’ll apply that research to the design of class activities and assignments. Participants will leave with a draft assignment or activity for one of their courses, and a concise set of strategies for designing transparent assignments that promote students’ learning equitably. Interested faculty are invited to join a follow-up conversation about engaging with this pedagogy as a contributing researcher. Dr. Winkelmes invites you to respond to a 2-question online survey before October 25, 2017.

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Event Information
Thu, 11/16/2017 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Location (Room): 
CRLT Seminar Room (1013 Palmer Commons)
Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Director of Instructional Development and Research, UNLV
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Not eligible for Certificate
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