Moving the Needle: Shifting the Conversation around Sexual Harassment

Part research presentation, part embodied case study, and part community conversation, Moving the Needle: Shifting the Conversation around Sexual Harassment challenges participants to expand their understanding of what sexual harassment is, how it impacts individuals and communities, and what makes an environment ripe for its presence. Using the NASEM consensus study report as both grounding and springboard, this session eschews a "tips and tricks" workshop model, instead pointing attendees toward the ongoing reflective practices that individuals and communities will need to commit to in order to address the culturally embedded problem of sexual harassment. This session is best suited to full-unit conversations including faculty, staff, and graduate students.

The typical session length is 120 minutes.

**The embodied case studies in this session contain strong language and detailed descriptions of sexual harassment.


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In this session, participants will:

  • Identify behaviors that constitute sexual harassment.

  • Reflect on the ways sexually harassing behaviors differentially impact individuals and communities.

  • Examine common points of failure and systemic inequities that maintain a status quo permissive of sexual harassment.

  • Reflect on unit-level contexts and individual behavior to consider ways to develop a climate more resistant to sexual harassment.


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