Cuts: Responding to Stories about Negative Climate Concerns

Cuts: Responding to Stories about Negative Climate Concerns provides a multifaceted look at Carter, a black undergraduate student, as they talk with a trusted professor about a disturbing racial incident they experienced in one of their classes. The session begins by looking at the way this single incident--in conjunction with a larger pattern of negative experiences--shapes Carter’s sense of the institution and their place in it. It works to deepen appreciation for the structural and interpersonal challenges students of color encounter when seeking support to address bias incidents. Participants are invited to reflect on commonly used practices that can exacerbate a student’s sense of challenge and then encouraged to identify ways that they might adopt a more student-centered approach. This session is appropriate for faculty, graduate student instructors, and academic leaders. 

The typical session length is 90-120 minutes.

In this session, participants will:

  • Consider the impacts of an 'isolated' bias incident on a targeted student.
  • Reflect on the ways they listen and respond to others' stories about negative experiences of climate.
  • Identify interpersonal and structural challenges of engaging with a student about climate concerns.
  • Develop strategies for responding in ways that might mitigate rather than exacerbate existing climate concerns.
  • Practice engaging in conversations about and across differences in identity.

What people have said about Cuts: Responding to Stories about Negative Climate Concerns:

The workshop was well-received and effective in achieving our desired goals - raising awareness and arming our faculty with some tools to be more sensitive and inclusive.  I think this was quite an impactful event.

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