7 into 15

7 into 15 is a high-energy, interactive performance that can be adapted to address a range of topics. Consisting of short plays presented in rapid succession, this performance format uses a variety of innovative staging techniques to place the challenges of teaching and learning within the academy center stage. Provocative and often humorous, 7 into 15 is perfect for opening up conversations about the different ways individuals engage with and experience higher education. Versions of this sketch have been created to orient new graduate student instructors, to welcome new faculty into a teaching-positive culture, and to address graduate student climate concerns.

The typical session length is 60-120 minutes.

What people have said about 7 into 15:

The CRLT Players performance really conveyed the message that our student population is extremely diversified. This made me think a lot more about how to be an inclusive professor, both in class and in research group.

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This performance can be tailored to meet different objectives in advance of the performance, and it also offers the option of in-the-moment creation of sketch material to explore the specific concerns of the audience in attendance. Below are already-created playlets, with a description of the issues they address.

Many of these sketches require specific casting. The availability of these playlets will often depend on actor availability for the date of your performance

Play Title Issue(s) Addressed
Ass out of U and Me
  • Student Diversity (socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, URM status in STEM)
  • Educator Assumptions
  • Student (or Faculty) Diversity
  • Demographic Imbalances in STEM fields

Come on, Barbie. Let's Go Party.

  • Educational Climate
  • Demographic Imbalances in STEM fields
  • The "Women in Math Problem"
Congratulations, Joe!
  • Departmental politics
  • Faculty decision-making
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Academic integrity
Every Time a Bell Rings
  • Managing Student Concerns
  • Office Hours
How Will I Know?
  • Providing Feedback on Student Work
  • Student Anxiety
I Dreamed a Dream... of Group Work
  • Instructional Challenges
  • Group Work Dynamics
  • Easing Anxiety Over Teaching Consultations
Imposter, Fraud, Fake, Charlatan, Phony, Sham, Me
  • Imposter Phenomenon
  • Teaching Persona (graduate instructors)
  • Time Management
In Between
  • Student (or Faculty) Diversity
  • Race in the Academy
  • Solo Status
  • The Spokesperson Problem
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • Student Diversity
  • Educational Climate
  • International Student Experiences
  • Gender Dynamics in the Academy
Pedagogical Conundrums
  • Providing Feedback to a Group
  • Motivating Students
  • Educational Climate
  • Graduate Student Party Culture
Pop Quiz: Who Are Our Students?
  • Student Diversity (tailored to your institution or group)
  • Using Assessment Data to Inform Teaching
Practice Teaching: Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Teaching Persona
  • Preparing to Teach
Silent Jazz
  • Student Diversity
  • International Student Experiences
  • Classroom Discussions
Staff Song
  • Staff expectations
  • Professional roles
  • Interpersonal dynamics

Sticks and Stones

  • Educational Climate
  • Non-collegial Treatment of Peers
  • Microaggressions
The Phenomenology of Academic Time
  • Faculty (or Student) Workload
  • Time Management
  • Work/Life Balance
Trickle Down, or Don't Make Me Kick a Dog
  • Educational Climate
  • Dismissive Academic Behavior
  • Replication of Behavioral Norms
  • Power/Hierarchies in the Academy
What a To-Do to Decide Today What Technology Should Do, A Thing Distinctly Hard to Say but Harder Still to Do
  • Instructional Technology
  • Digital Divide
  • Teaching Persona
Your Attention, Please!
  • Student participation and motivation in the classroom
  • (In)appropriate language


  • Teaching challenges
  • The teaching center as resource/support