College of Engineering at the University of Michigan - Teaching

A list of teaching resources on engineering.

Institute of Biological Engineering

The page is a link from the Journal of Biological Engineering, offering presentations on Engineering Lessons, Biological Engineering programs, etc.

Teaching Engineering Purdue University Chemical Engineering

This is an electronic book on teaching Engineering.  The book is organized to start with specific, practical teaching applications and then lead to more general psychological theories.  All book chapters are in downloadable pdf formats.

The American Society for Engineering Education Journal of Engineering Education

The page is home of the Journal of Engineering Education, a peer-reviewed international journal published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education. It serves as an archival record of scholarly research in engineering education.

International Journal of Engineering Education Read more »


Student ratings of instruction are one of the most studied topics in all of higher education, with several thousand research articles and books addressing various aspects of this topic over the past 100 years. The summary below is intended to offer an overview of some common questions about ratings. This review is not designed to be exhaustive, but rather to present trends in the literature on these issues along with references for further reading. Individual studies challenging these trends exist, but as with any literature review we have tried to synthesize across studies and provide a synopsis of key themes of a large body of literature.  Read more »


University of Nebraska at Omaha EcEdWeb: Economics Resources for University and College Teaching

This page lists a collection of information and web links showing activities to use in economics classes and sites of other teachers of economics.

National Association of Economic Educators

This site lists grant information and resources for economic educators and it also has links to other organizations.

The Journal of Economic Education

The site offers original articles on innovations in and evaluations of teaching techniques, materials, and programs in economics.

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Statistics Teaching and Resource (STAR) Library
The page is the home of the Statistics Teaching and Resource (STAR) Library, which offers online resources and materials for teaching statistics.  This is part of the CAUSE (Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education) web.

The Journal of Statistics Education
The Journal of Statistics Education is a publication of the American Statistical Association.  The page offers articles on teaching statistics from current and archive issues

Statistical Science Web: Teaching Resources
The page offers links on teaching resources, which include general teaching links, online tutorial textbooks, interactive demonstrations, video series/CDs, etc.  The page is part of the website (

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The purpose of these pages is to assist faculty and graduate student instructors (GSIs) in their teaching by providing online teaching strategies and resources.

Each topic below leads to groups of specific links that CRLT staff have reviewed. Our hope is that this website will assist instructors in expediting the process of navigating the wealth of information on the Web. Read more »