Academic work can be demanding, and academics need to take care of themselves, particularly those who are underrepresented in their fields. This page features online and print resources 



National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity. U-M is an institutional member of this organization, and their website features seminars, courses, discussion forums, and other resources for thriving in the academy for underrepresented graduate students, postdocs, faculty members, and administrators. If you are associated with U-M, you can register for an institutional sub-account here.

Underrepresented in Our Fields: Strategies for Faculty Success. CRLT's list of online and print resources that discuss challenges and opportunities for faculty who are members of groups underrepresented in their disciplines. Read more »


At any given point in your academic career, you are likely to have to teach. CRLT offers many, many resources to help you at every stage of teaching, from course design to acting as a graduate student instructor to leading a large lecture course as a faculty member. This page features links to some of our most popular resources.


Resources: Web

Preparing To Teach. Learn how to write a syllabus, design a course, prepare lesson plans, and create an inclusive classroom.

Teaching Strategies. This page provides resources to support excellent, innovative instruction in a variety of educational settings.

Testing and Grading. Best practices for an aspect of teaching that can be challenging for new instructors.

Diversity and Inclusion. Create a fair and equitable classroom for your students. Read more »


How do you manage your time and resources effectively in the academy? Whether you're starting your graduate career, writing your dissertation, or starting your faculty research career, academics need to learn how to manage their time wisely. The resources on this page will be helpful to graduate students, postdocs, and faculty alike.


Resources: Productivity

Productivity Handout. This collection from a 2015 PFF workshop on productivity presents multiple web resources on productivity.

Best of Grad Hacker: Productivity. More resources from Grad Hacker on how to maintain productivity in graduate school.

Lifehacker's Best Productivity Tips. From the people who live and breathe productivity, here are their favorite tools and techniques.

  Read more »

With fewer tenure track positions and more competition for available positions, how do you distinguish yourself as a candidate among hundreds of other applicants? Leverage your network to help you land a job, either academic or not.

Building Communities of Support Toward a Successful Academic Job Search. Pursuing an academic job can be an intellectually demanding and highly competitive process. Proactively and intentionally developing professional relationships can maximize your opportunities to stand out as a job candidate. The materials from this 2015 PFF workshop outline specific strategies for fostering professional relationships that will lead to greater success in your academic job search and beyond. Presented by Paula Wishart (Academic Program Officer for Professional Development, Rackham Graduate School) and Larry Rowley (Adjunct Assistant Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies, U-M).


Faculty life is not singular. The balance among research, teaching, and service varies significantly by institutional type: expectations at research-focused institutions are often quite different from those at teaching-oriented colleges, and faculty at two-year institutions may have different job descriptions than faculty at four-year institutions. This page describes aspects of faculty life at different institutions and offers suggestions on how to tailor academic job materials for these institutions. Read more »