picture of a neuronHave you ever wondered whether you're using PowerPoint effectively to enhance student learning in your classes? Or hoped you could learn how to do so? This coming Tuesday, CRLT Assistant Director Rachel Niemer will lead a seminar on strategies for designing presentation slides that successfully serve several purposes: an organizing platform for a lecture, a study guide for students after class, and a place for students to take notes during class. Informed by recent research on how students learn, the session will equip participants with techniques to avoid "Death by PowerPoint." 

"PowerPoint Supported by Science of Learning" will take place Tuesday, 2/19, 2:00-4:00pm in Palmer Commons. More details can be found on the registration page for the event. For full information about this term's Seminar Series, click here or pull down on the Programs & Services menu above. 

Photo Credit: Mike Seyfang via Compfight cc