large courses

Eliciting participation, questions, and even attention from a sea of faces in a large lecture hall can be a difficult task. Instructors often seek ways to make large classes feel smaller. The links in this section provide information about classroom management techniques, suggestions for effective lecturing, and a list of additional resources and articles about large classes.

Large Classes

Suggestions for Large Lecture Classes (UC Berkeley, 1983)

List of six suggestion to help make lecturing to a large enrollment course effective and managable for students and instructors. 

Tips for Using Questions in Large Classes (Klionsky, 1999)

Short first-person account from an introductory biology course with a class enrollment of about 300 who shares some of his techniques for engaging the class.

Large Classes: A Teaching Guide

Detailed resource from University of Maryland for approaching large classes, including a set of ideas and suggestions to use. This guide offers tips for utilizing many of the teaching strategies described on the CRLT website (e.g., collaborative learning, discussions, writing) with large classes. Read more »