Instructional Technology

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Integrating Multi-Media Sources into PowerPoint Presentations and Student Assignments in a Modern Latin American History Lecture Course

Sueann Caufield, Associate Professor, History Department, LSA ( Prof. Caufield will consolidate and improve existing PowerPoint presentations, create new presentations that integrate sound and film or video clips, and develop method to encourage more interactive learning. In particular, students will use the web and CTools site to work with images and recordings used in class in their assignments.
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Italian-American Film Culture: A Multimedia Course Environment

Giorgio Bertellini, Assistant Professor, Film and Video Studies/Department of Romance Languages and Literature, LSA ( created of a unified and digitalized multimedia environment that places cinema at the intersection of several cultural practices (i.e. journalism, photography, theater, and opera for the course, Italian-American Cinema. The project functions as a template applicable to similar film classes.
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London's Brick Lane and the New Multicultural Europe

Designed to be an integral unit in two regularly taught history courses, Rita Chin, Assistant Professor, History Department, LSA ( created a project on "London's Brick Lane and the New Multicultural Europe", PowerPoint and web-based assignments teach students how multiculturalism has become an integral part of postwar European society.
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