Photo of an apple on a deskGSIs across campus are being recognized for their excellent teaching this month. CRLT warmly congratulates winners of Rackham's Outstanding GSI Award and the College of Engineering's Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding GSIs. Selected from large pools of nominees, all of these instructors have demonstrated extraordinary commitment, creativity, and overall excellence in their teaching.

The four Towner awardees were honored at the College of Engineering's Student Leaders and Honors Brunch on Sunday, March 15. Rackham will be hosting a public awards ceremony to honor its twenty prize-winners, along with outstanding faculty mentors, on April 13. For more information, including the names and departments of all of the winners, see this Rackham page and this College of Engineering page


Molecule structureAs winter term gets underway, many U-M instructors are teaching in new GSI-faculty teams. How can you build productive collaborations from the start? 

The CRLT Occasional Paper on "Teaching Effectively with GSI-Faculty Teams" highlights many benefits--for professor, GSIs, and students--of effective relationships among professors and grad students who teach together. As the literature on GSI-faculty relationships makes clear, though, such teamwork can sometimes pose significant challenges. U-M faculty have reported, among other issues, grappling with how to coordinate the work of all members of a teaching team, handle student complaints, and respond to various challenges to instructor authority.

It's probably obvious but bears repeating: Establishing clear team guidelines and routine communication patterns early in the term can help prevent such problems--as well as provide structures for addressing them productively if they do arise later in the semester. Read more »


Interested in teaching at a liberal arts college? A faculty panel from liberal arts colleges will discuss job search strategies and faculty worklife. In addition, participants will learn about the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships at Oberlin and Kalamazoo Colleges for University of Michigan Ph.D.s.

Panelists include:

  • Daniel Birchok, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Oberlin College
  • Vanessa McCaffrey, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Albion College
  • Andrew Mozina, Professor of English, Kalamazoo College
  • Annemarie Sammartino, Associate Professor of History, Oberlin College


Event Information
Fri, 01/24/2014 - 11:00am - 12:30pm
Dr. Daniel Birchok, Oberlin College
Dr. Vanessa McCaffrey, Albion College
Dr. Andrew Mozina, Kalamazoo College
Dr. Meredith Raimondo, Oberlin College
Graduate Students and Postdocs Only
Eligible for Certificate: 
Not eligible for Certificate

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This year, we are recruiting graduate student instructional consultants (GSICs) for Fall 2019, with the expectation of continuing through Winter 2020.

GSICs collaborate with CRLT on activities designed to promote excellence in graduate student teaching across the University.  By working with CRLT, you will have a unique opportunity to help advance teaching and learning across the university while continuing your own development as an instructor. During the academic year, GSICs conduct midterm student feedbacks and consultations with other GSIs and meet five times each semester at CRLT to discuss teaching, consulting and careers in instructional development. Read more »