The Symposium brought together faculty from across LSA to highlight and disseminate assessment activities currently underway at the department and college levels, and to consider how to further embed assessment of student learning into the college culture. The resources and materials from Symposium listed below can be accessed from this page. Read more »


If you are looking for teaching evaluations, please contact the Registrar's Office, 647-3626.

Supporting Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning at U-M

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CRLT’s assessment and evaluation work closely aligns with its mission by supporting evidence-based learning and teaching practices that create learning environments in which diverse students and instructors can excel.

CRLT LogoCRLT works with faculty and administrators in all 19 schools and colleges, as well as the Provost’s Office, on assessment and evaluation of U-M student learning outcomes and experiences.


CRLT Egnin LogoCRLT-Engin has an in-depth focus on supporting and conducting educational research in the College of Engineering.

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Convened each term, Provost’s Seminars on Teaching provide an opportunity for lively and substantive dialogue about a wide range of teaching and learning issues campus wide, across disciplinary boundaries. The Fall 2009 Seminar on the assessment of student learning included a keynote address by Carol Schneider, President of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and a poster fair documenting some of the many assessment projects currently underway at U-M.

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Eliciting—and Assessing—Our Students’ Best Work:  Designs for Accountability Worthy of Our Mission

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Poster Title

Crisca Bierwert

Student Reported Impact of Multidisciplinary and Team Teaching (MLTT) Courses

Melissa Brunsvold


Summary Findings

Mary Wright, Assistant Director, Evaluation, & Assistant Research Scientist, CRLT
Jim Barber, Assistant for Programs & Research, CRLT

This report presents summary results of an evaluation of LSA’s Quantitative Reasoning requirement. According to The LSA Bulletin, “The goal of the Quantitative Reasoning requirement is to ensure that every graduate of the College achieves a certain level of proficiency in using and analyzing quantitative information.” Students may fulfill the requirement by passing one course designated for QR credit (QR1) or two courses designed for half credit (QR/2). Because a wide margin (82%) of students fulfill the requirement through the former option, this evaluation focuses specifically on the impact of QR1 courses.


A. Evaluation Methods
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