Teaching Development Opportunity: May Seminar on Preparing Future Faculty

CRLT is now accepting applications for the May 2013 Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Seminar. See this page for full information about the program and application requirements. This will be the fourteenth year of this Rackham-CRLT program devoted to preparing advanced graduate students for faculty positions.

Graduate students often ask, "If I attended the fall PFF Conference, is it worth my while to apply for the Round table discussionSeminar, too?" The answer is, yes! Unlike the fall conference, the May PFF Seminar primarily focuses on teaching. Participants will have the opportunity to talk with faculty members about their teaching, learn about integrating a range of pedagogical techniques and technologies, participate in conversations about multicultural teaching and learning, and prepare a teaching philosophy statement and course syllabus. Because of its extended focus on teaching, the five-week Seminar entirely fulfills requirement "B" for the Rackham-CRLT Graduate Teacher Certificate

Recent participants have praised the seminar for supporting their professional development as both scholars and teachers.  One writes, "I had a wonderful experience in PFF. It got me inspired and excited about a career in academia. Actually, I credit it with lighting a fire under me to finish my dissertation, as I realized what I really wanted was to be a faculty member, not a student! Well, it has worked, and I will be defending my dissertation in July."
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Another credits the seminar for helping her win a national award for teaching and learning: "I think a major reason why I won it was that PFF gave me the tools to write about my teaching with greater sophistication and purpose. Thank you for putting together such an amazing program!"