Did you know that CRLT has a YouTube channel?

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You can find CRLT on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/crlteach.  Because YouTube is one of the many Google Apps now in use on campus, all members of the U-M community can easily share videos with the public or with select users at U-M.  CRLT's channel is dedicated to using YouTube to support teaching excellence and innovation.  The videos currently featured include several Arthur F. Thurnau professors discussing their successful teaching strategies.  For example:

The channel also features teaching resources such as ... 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to learn about new videos.  We'll also feature new postings on the "Videos" section of our homepage (on the right sidebar, just below Upcoming Events). 

Are there other videos about teaching that you would like to see us post?  Have you successfully incorporated YouTube as a teaching tool?  Please share your comments below.